Coffee in the office
Coffee in the office

Are you late for work Do you have a day full of hard conversations and meetings? Dead line tomorrow and you haven't done even half? You think ... COFFEE will help !!!


Good coffee in the office can be an effective employee motivation system. The Food Research Institute shows that up to 45% of people declare that morning coffee at work increases their productivity.
Analysis of various professions showed that scientists, writers, sales representatives, marketing specialists and gastronomy employees most often reach for coffee. However, in other professions coffee is gaining more and more popularity. Considering manual workers, hot coffee is an additional source of energy. Since every employee needs a morning dose of caffeine, it is worth ensuring that coffee in the office is of high quality.


More and more employers are choosing a coffee machine for their office. Instant coffees are slowly falling into oblivion and coffee beans are bought in their place.
Just what coffee to choose - if there are so many on the market?
The answer is - good quality.

Herreria Organic comes with 2 coffee ideas for the office.
Sabor de la Victoria, in which the exceptionally selected proportions of Arabica and Robusta caused that it has almost 4 times higher caffeine content. Arabica la Sabrosa delicate 100% Arabica, ideally suited to the afternoon "Coffe break".

GOOD COFFEE IS A BETTER COMPANY? First of all, employee integration!

Coffee has been proven to influence better and more creative thinking, as much as 77% of bosses have supported this fact, but on one condition - it cannot be drunk alone ... Everyone who drinks coffee at work knows this view. Queue to the espresso machine, half the office collapsed into the kitchen to drink coffee at work. And this queue and waiting for the cup to fill with coffee is the perfect time to talk, exchange views, and maybe someone will help you solve your problem? If the office coffee break is effective, we are relaxed, more satisfied and we find faster solutions to our own and someone's problems ... Secondly, improving work efficiency. Caffeine also helps us calm down before an important meeting, because it improves our mood by producing dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline in our body.
In 2011, in Boston, Michel Lucas and colleagues (Harvard School of Public Health) conducted a study that showed that people who drink 2-3 cups a day are 15% more at risk of depression.


Inviting a business partner for a joint coffee and it is at her rearranging her proposals that can increase the chances of agreement. If you run a business meeting in your company, it is worth ensuring that the coffee in the office is of high quality.

Author: Justyna Sikorska

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